Homekit Rollershutter (windowcovering) command on release

Is there any way to set a parameter on the homekit windowcovering - rollershutter item to have the binding send the position command only on release when changing the position in the homekit app (the slider).

The item configuration below will receive new position commands while sliding the windowcovering slider in the Home app. This means, for a screen that is currently at 50% for example as one swipes up and down the rollershutter will continuously receive up/down commands and switch output relais really quickly.

Can I configure it in such a way that the command received from the homekit binding is on release of the windowcovering slider.

Very similar to the “Send command only on release” option one can activate for an OH slider.

Configuration of my rollershutter item

Rollershutter NB_R1_06_fitness_achter "Fitness achter" (gScreen) { channel="nikobus:rollershutter-module:mypclink:R1:output-6", homekit = "WindowCovering"}

Hi Rohnny,

no, currently it is not possible. homekit binding does not have this kind of logic.
maybe this can be done with openhab rules. e.g. split the item in 2 items: one for homekit and one linked to nikobus channel and then have rules to sync these items.