Homekit/Siri openHAB 2 integration

Hi there,

i have just installed openHABian 1.4.1 and upgraded openHAB to 2.4.0 snapshot.
Also i installed the Homekit Integration through Paper UI and configured it. The openHAB Bridge is connected to the Homekit on my Home App, but no items are shown yet. I also tried to add the Homebridge-openhab2 Plugin in the Raspberry Homebridge, but this one is also not working.
What i am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot.


i don’ t know how you do it in paperui, but to expose items (like a light switch) to homekit I had to add [“lighting”] to my items file. I don’t know what the equivalent is in paperui.


thank you very much. I uninstalled the openHab2 Bridge on my Raspberry again and just installed the openHAB2 Homekit Support. After i set up the Homekit Tags via REST API everything works fine for me.

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I’ve given up on the official homekit integration, and hacked a quick bridge between openhab and homekit using HAP-NodeJS. For my use case - wanting to trigger scenes like “good morning” - it works perfectly and without too much trouble - or indeed more than elementary knowledge of nodejs.

Let me know if anyone else is interested and I’ll post a short tutorial.

Hello Dan,

i am very insterested in your turotial about HAP-NodeJS.
Please post it here.

Thank you very much


Sure. My brilliant solution just stopped working. Let me keep an eye on it, and I’ll report back when I’ve found/fixed whatever the problem is.

I’ve posted my hacked-together solution: More reliable Homekit alternative using a simple nodejs bridge

Thank you, i will test this