Homekit suddently dead

My homekit suddently went dead no matter how I restart openhab or reboot Rpi3
my homekit still shows no response from openhab, log shows connected to my phone, no error pop out,
after few restart, I try remove openhab in homekit, and add agian, than no longer able to found openhab.
I even try uninstall homebridge and install back still not work.

command for clear pairings don’t work: smarthome homekit clearPairings
Error executing command: Error executing command smarthome: too many arguments specified

Any idea why this happen and how to recover?

Try smarthome:homekit clearPairings then restart openHAB, then restart openHAB again. Then repair your iPhone.

Sometimes I’ve had the homekit panel on control center completely die (everything says no response), but everything still works in the Home app. The only fix to that is to reboot your phone.

before I post, I did restart iphone without smarthome:homekit clearPairings and of cuz I can’t found anything

I feel so sad before I went to bed, thank you that I got your code when I wake up. :grinning:
anyway, really thanks for your code, home kit works again, wish person with right will edit the code in github,