HomeKit tags in JSONDB vs Items?

Have spent the last few days migrating from OpenHab 1.8 to the new OpenHab 2 beta 5.
I decided to bite the bullet and rebuild the config using Paper UI and JSON DB and for the most part my devices are behaving as expected (havent migrated rules yet) - so good job on the latest beta.

I thought it might be a good time to play with Homekit, but i’m not sure how to define the Homekit tags within JSONDB? It works if i redefine the same object in a .items file;
"Number Temp_UP_Office “Office Temperature” (UP_Office) [ “CurrentTemperature” ]"
but now i have two items with the same name.

What should i be doing? Ignore jsondb and just use .item files? add a tag to jsondb (syntax?)

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Maybe I don’t get your question right, but:

either you define an item in a text file OR you define an item via GUI, then it is automatically transferred to the JsonDB files.
So no need to edit JsonDB in any case …
This is also true for things, settings, …

My issue is that for HomeKit integration i need to add the additional tag [ “CurrentTemperature” ] to an item. I can do this easily using the .items file, but not sure how to achieve the same via gui/jsondb?

Ahhh, got it.
I don’t use that binding so can only guess:
Go to your things in PaperUI, click on the name of the thing to open additional options, now you should see all your channels, one of the channels could be the additional tag. That’s the way it works in the astro2 binding, hopefully also in the HomeKit binding …