HomeKit takes to long adding OpenHAB


i’m trying to get OpenHAB 2 working with HomeKit.

I have a new Clean Installation of OpenHAB 2 on a Ubuntu System.

The only thing i’ve installed is the HomeKit Binding and 1 Item

Switch Test “Test” [ “Switchable” ]

In the IOS 10 Home App i can find the OpenHAB but if i want to add it it takes to long and after 10 minutes or something like this it says: “OpenHAB can’t be added”.

Any ideas why this is happening ?


I use the Homekit binding on openhab2 (build 696) and it works brilliantly, have you set the ip address in the binding settings? It maybe a routing problem, and that should solve it.

Thanks for the Tipp that Solved the Problem

No worries, glad I could help.