Homekit thermostats | Remove unneeded modes

I would like to remove a few modes from my thermostats. Cooling, Automatic and Off should be removed. The thermostat should be permanently set to heating. @yfre Do you have a tip for me here? :wink:

Hi Norman,

you reduce number of modes but providing a mapping as part of configuration, check this

@yfre I have managed the mapping so far that I have reduced it to heating and off. Do you know if there is a way to reduce it to heating only? If I adjust the code to:
value: TemperatureSensor,Thermostat.CurrentTemperature

but then I lose the ability to change the temperature.

With the config:
value: TemperatureSensor,Thermostat.CurrentTemperature
I can change the temperature, but as I said, I don’t need the Off function.

i have never tried with one mode - i have heat and off and need also both of them (i get from my KNX heating controller the information whether it is actually heating or not)

do you have only one item for thermostat?
i would expect to have at least

  • CurrentHeatingCoolingMode
  • TargetHeatingCoolingMode

as separate items and would set the same modes there.

please also try with “auto” mode as the single mode, maybe it will work better for you.

@yfre The thermostat provides me with 3 items. Target temperature, current temperature, humidity.
How would you configure the individual items for Homekit? image

create new items of type string without link to any thing. but they should be in the same group as others 3.
it looks like this on my side

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@yfre I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean. My Openhab know-how is only 10 days old :slight_smile:
This is how the setting looks for me.

pretty advanced for 10 days :slight_smile:

remember the group name, which is on the top of your screenshot “Heizkorperthe…”
go to items view, click on “+” to add new item, enter any name, e.g targetMode, set group to “Heizkorperthe…” , click on “create”. go back to item and add homekit tag for targetMode