HomeKit with Dimmer-Group?

Hello togehter,

maybe there is an old topic about this. But no clear answer. A few days ago I bougth some IKEA Smarthome stuff. Target is to get a standard lamp with 4 bulbs Smart. OH2 uses HomeKit, HueEmu, Tradfri, zwave… and a bit more. At least Amazon Echo uses the HueEmu to get the bulbs. In my opinion its a bad case when it have 4 bulbs seperated in Echo/HomeKit and I have to group them in every system. So I made a dimmer-group and droped the [ “Lighting” ] tag from the single bulbs. Amazon Echo --> HueEmu is fine with it and can dimm with the ‘virtual dimmer group’. HomeKit shows just a switch. Is this a missing feature for OH2/HomeKit or is there something what i can do?

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I can confirm the issue and did not find a solution until now.