HomeMagic LED Controller Problems

Hi OpenHAB Community,
I Recently bought a MagicHome LED Controller to dim a LED Stripe. It is a simple white LED no RGB. I can’t change brightness through the White but through the color channel.
Basically it works. I cannot reliably dim over 50%. Sometimes it works but mostly not.

Thing wifiled:wifiled:40F520C82B33 “Wohnzimmer” @ “LED”[ ip=“”, port=5577, pollingPeriod=3000, protocol=“LD382A”, driver=“CLASSIC”, fadeDurationInMs=1000, fadeSteps=100 ]

//Switch MyWiFiLight_power_Wz “Power Wohnzimmer” (gEG_Wohnzimmer) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:40F520C82B33:power”}
Dimmer MyWiFiLight_color_Wz “Dimmer Wohnzimmer” (gEG_Wohnzimmer) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:40F520C82B33:color”}

So far i tried the three protocols given in the WiFi LED Binding’s Wiki.
From the paper UI i got the information that it is a AK001-ZJ2104.

Could you please help me??


Which exact device do you have? Can you post a link?

Have you checked the logs (maybe even set the wifiled binding to debug)?

There is another thread on this binding, maybe there are some hints there:

I have tried to use this binding/controllers too.

In the end, I flashed tasmota esp8266 software on it manually and now use them through the mqtt binding.

Good luck!