[homematic] All Homatic things went offline

I enjoyed a working system for a while. But now, all went crazy. I have digitalstrom and homematic bindings at work. All homematic things with the exception of 3 went offline this morning. I tried everything I could short of reformatting my sd card and start from scratch: reboots of both ccu2 and openhab, deleting all things in paperUI and rescan. They were found but went offline shortly after having added them… deleted the binding and reinstalled…
The first red entry in the log after a restart is “rssiInfo: unknown.method name…” plus a java.io exception… from then on it gets ugly: all things change from initializing to offline.
Needless to say, the ccu firewall was properly set up (the system worked for a month!) and everythings works within the ccu. As I am not at home, I can only access my raspberry pi 3 via VPN. Starting from scratch (my preferred method under these circumstances) are ruled out.

Can you post the complete error messages from the log? Which Java version are you using?

Although i am using homegear instead of a ccu2, this is usually a sign of a missing callback network adress. (I can’t look into the exact bridge parameter name as i am offsite.)

This is not the best approach, nothing happens without a reason. if you do not know the reason it can happen again and again.

Hello Joachim. Thanks for your reply. And sorry for being late to react. I was travelling a bit… The CCU stalled and I had to reset it. Now, things are moving again… You are certainly right with your statement about finding the reason. Sometimes, however, it is good to start from scratch, especially when new to the system. I might have changed some parameters and disturbed the system without knowing. Then it is less time consuming to start from a clean installation…

Sure. I just thought it went down suddenly. If you messed up something it is for sure better to start off a clean install. I started several times. If you keep trying, you should look into *.items and *.things files, this speeds up a clean start enormously. Have fun.