Homematic, Amazon Echo, Openhab 2

Hi everyone,

I have a homematic system and want to use it with my amazon Echo over voice control. I have the old homematic, ccu2 and it does not support the Echo. So the support from eq3 said me: " hey take openhab and the hue emulation service" and you can switch your light, but how I do and configured that all they didn’t want told me and how my Bundeskanzlerin would say it is newland for me.

So what did I reach. I have installed openhab 2 and the designer. After that I went into browser interface and the paper ui. There I installed the homematic bindings and the hue emulation service and enable that.

After that I open the openhab designer and went into the openhab.cfg file and look after homematic binding. I found them and searched after were I can insert the IP adress from my ccu2. I found it, homematic host=# and insert the IP address 192.168.xx.xx. Now iam standing for an wall.

  1. I didn’t know how a item should look like exactly. I have the homematic serial number of the light actors and the other homematic devices but I didn’t know how to make a correct item for light on and off.

  2. How I learn I need also a sitemap file but I also didn’t know how exactly it must look like.

  3. I don’t know if the connection from the ccu2 was correct over the homematic binding.

  4. I have tried a lot of examples and searched for solutions but iam to green behind ears and have not much experience to come further. Shortly said iam fu…ed up and come not further. The Alexa app had not find my devices.

Maybe here is a pro in homematic and have the same plan like me and give me some tips.

Thanks a lot!!:blush:


I am triggered by the same question as Peter.

There was German article in the C’t magazine, you may find interesting, Peter. However it’s not exactly about the Echo. I consider to write the author and ask for some additional information about making the echo work with the CCU2.

This is an abtract of the mentioned article:




Sounds great. I have found this and have tried to copy of homematic system. But there are different items and so one because of knx system.


Hi Peter,

in your openHAB directory you can find items directory. put in them a new file and rename it in “alexa.items”.
Open your file and write this:

Switch alexa_wohnzimmer_licht “Deckenlicht Wohnzimmer” [“Lighting”] {channel=“homematic:HM-LC-Sw1-FM:8d506860:MEQ0757096:1#STATE”}

Save it and serch bai Alexa App in SamrtHome option for new Devices. She find your “Deckenlicht Wohnzimmer” and you can switch on or off.

The channelname you must kopy from your openHAB Things Channelname.

That work fine.

I have this information from this website:

Liebe Grüßen