Homematic and CCU2 "New device(s) detected, refreshing datapoints"

I use openHAB with Homematic CC2. I have one HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl (swith with power meter) connected and it is working fine so far. But I am wondering why I have the message
2015-11-26 18:58:49.003 [INFO ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - New device(s) detected, refreshing datapoints
in the log every minute.
In openhab.cfg I have the following settings:

Is the message normal or is anything wrong?

Thanks and Regards,

I cannot tell you, what exactly goes wrong here, but as far as I can see, this is not normal.

In my logs (over several months) I see this message only once (seconds before I see tons of messages, that newly configured datapoints are not published to openHAB.

For this I defined the following switch:

Switch Reload_Datapoints {homematic="address=BidCoS-RF, channel=2, parameter=PRESS_SHORT, action=RELOAD_DATAPOINTS"}

and after pressing this switch, the “not published” errors also disappeared.

Maybe you should try out such a switch, too?

Except this, I compared my homematic settings in openhab.cfg and there I don’t have reconnect defined, while the callback.host is defined via IP address here (not sure, if this is important)


I checked the logs of the CCU2. And there I found two corresponding entries every minute at exact the same time. So I guess it is related:
Dec 6 19:53:58 homematic-ccu2 user.info rfd: BidCos-RF support system.multicall
Dec 6 19:53:58 homematic-ccu2 user.info rfd: BidCos-RF support event

Any idea what this could be?
Thanks and Regards,

Hi Alex,

have you already found the reason?
I have the same issue since I updated to 1.8.0

BR, Frank

It disappeared from allone. I don’t know what the reasong was. But I did not upgrate to 1.8 yet.

Now I found the reason at my setup.
The messages just appear if openHAB Designer 1.8.0 is open.