Homematic and Homegear

Hi all -

I’m planning to control my Homematic devices with openHAB. Would you recommend CCU or Homegear to connect my Homematics to openHAB. For my understanding, where do I have to setup scripts and functions in case I use Homegear (in the openHAB config or the Homegear config)? Is there a HowTo on how to setup openhab with Homegear and connect Homematic devices?




i am using homegear without a CCU, because i only have the LAN CFG Device. For some advice try the homegear forum and read the openhab Wiki. It is very simple, but you need a device that is able to access the homematic devices, something like the ccu. The access path is openhab -> Homegear -> Homematic transmitter (LAN Cfg, CCU, CUL, …) -> homematic Device. If you have a ccu there is no need for homematic.


I assume you mean homegear here :wink:

I’m currently using the CCU2 with the homematic binding. I quite like the way the CCU2 allows one to configure direct device connections, for example for connecting lights to buttons. This also ensures that the CCU2 or OpenHAB can fail and I still can switch on my lights :smiley:. Almost everything else happens in my OpenHAB instance.

How does the configuration of direct device connections work with homegear? Can it be done? Or do I have to rely on a running homegear instance?


ahhhh yes :smile:

As afr as i know the direct connection is still possible, but is established in a different way. I only use direct connections with my windows contacts and my radiator thermostats.