Homematic: Automated migration to openHAB - API?

Hi all.

I am a Java developer by profession and a home automation enthusiast if I’m not working. :slight_smile: I’m running a RaspberryMatic system and it’s currently my home automation hub. Meaning it contains all programs, handles all events and all room / sitemap information is defined there. Like many I have always been unsatisfied with the scripting capabilities of the HomeMatic / OCCU system and am long since planning on moving to an open platform. I am very impressed with openHAB2 so far and since I’m fluent in Java it seems the logical way to go for me. :slight_smile:

One thing that bugs me though is all the effort necessary to migrate all the Item / sitemap / etc. definitions from RaspberryMatic to openHAB2. So I wanted to ask where the openHAB team stands on the issue of migration in general. Is there an API? Is this something that is considered at all?

I’ve pulled Gerhard Riegler’s sources of the HomeMatic binding, added some Jackson annotations to the /model classes and built a simple test environment that pulls and deserializes all room / device information from the RaspberryMatic via its JSON-RPC interface. Having said this I feel it is now only a small step towards automated generation of openHAB .items etc. files for use with Designer. I haven’t yet thought this completely through but I think it should be possible. But before I go any further I wanted to as if there are any plans for an official API or if this should be done in a certain way so it could be useful for others as well.

Thanks a lot in advance for any input you can give me.