Homematic binding and internal groups (e.g. heating)

Hi all,

I´m currently testing openhab 2 and trying to setup my devices including homematic. I have several homematic wall mounted thermostats, heating thermostats and window contacts. They are organized within an internal group (INT0000001…8). In openhab 1, I could add those groups e.g. for setting the temperature. However, in openhab 2, these groups are not discovered as things.

Is there any way to use them? Especially in setting the temperature, using these groups works far more reliable than sending a new temperature to a single device of the group.

Kind regards

Hi André,

I am not sure but maybe it is possible to configure groups manually as things in a separate .things file.

I would recommend to add an issue here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues

Hi Martin,

I will try it manually, but there is also no way to add groups as managed thing :frowning: I´m not very optimistic.

However, I have added an issue: