Homematic Binding - can not create items


As a set-up I run openhabian 2.3 latest snapshot on a Pi3 and on an older Pi2 raspberrymatic also latest version. The Homematic binding in openhab recognise the emulated CCU2 and I can get all my devices as things into openhab. When I now want to create items I can not do so. When I press the link button to creat it nothing happens. I rebooted all Pis but nothing changes.

Has someone seen something similar?


Hi Dirk,

are there any error messages in the openhab.log file?

No there are no errors. In the log I can see the things created, but nothing else. My attempt to create items is not visible in the logs

That’s really strange. You could try activate the debug resp. trace output for the Homematic binding. Maybe this will show some more information.
Did you try to add items with another binding (e.g. the astro binding)? Maybe the problem is a general problem and not specific to the Homematic binding.

All other bindings I tried are working well e.g. astro, Yahoo weather, Ikea etc.
I will now try to get the trace output for the binding.

I have to correct myself. All other bindings are also not working. I mean it is a general problem with openhab 2.3 to create items. I updated this morning to the latest snapshot.