Homematic Binding: Cannot add HG-HM-CC-TC?

Hi there,

I’m using the homematic binding along with homegear.
I had some problems while updating homegear, but it’s working again.

I removed a device in Openhab and wanted to re-add it, I see it in the Inbox.
However, if I want to add it I’m getting a config and the following log output:

2022-01-04 13:12:42.411 [ERROR] [nhab.core.thing.binding.ThingFactory] - Thing factory (class org.openhab.binding.homematic.internal.handler.HomematicThingHandlerFactory) returned null on create thing when it reports to support the thing type (homematic:HG-HM-CC-TC).
2022-01-04 13:12:42.412 [WARN ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Cannot create thing. No binding found that supports creating a thing of type homematic:HG-HM-CC-TC.

What’s wrong here?
Thanks for your help!

I removed the thing, now it doesn’t show up anymore :frowning:

What’s even more confusing, the other things don’t seem to receive anything anymore. All linked items are set to NULL.

I cannot see any details on the Thing pages, e.g.:

OH Version is 3.2 (Latest stable).

The logs only show many of these lines:
2022-01-04 18:20:40.350 [INFO ] [ng.homematic.internal.misc.MiscUtils] - Datapoint name 'DeviceScripts/Sonos/EasyTTS.php' contains invalid characters, new Datapoint name 'DeviceScripts_Sonos_EasyTTS_php'

How could I debug this?

I re-learned all the devices, and it’s working again.
Not sure why I lost them…