Homematic binding does nothing


I’m new to OpenHab and i want to use the homematic binding in the newest Version (1.8.2) to connect OH with my CCU2. I put the binding into the Addons folder and the ip of my CCU2 into the openhab_default.cfg. Everytime i start the start.sh over the Terminal it seems like the binding does nothing. Not a [INFO], [WARN] or even a [Error]. Everything starts fine and i can click trough my menu in the web interface. My items and site_map is ready and i put in the configurations for my homematic actuator and sensors but i can’t control them because of the binding. I can’t find a solution.

The CCU2 got the newest Version (2.17.16). The Firewall is also on "Full control"
I’m using a Mac and the latest Version of OSX


Take a look at the wiki.

First thing after unzipping the runtime should be creating a copy of openhab_default.cfg to openhab.cfg

changing the name from “openhab_default.cfg” to “openhab.cfg” doesn’t help.

As i said, i already configured everything. The homematic binding isn’t mentioned in the terminal when i start the runtime but the interface works fine. i can click trough every room and floor i created

Should’t that be enought to connect the socket with openhab?

Has anybody an idea? The Wiki says that i only have to put in the ip in the openhab.cfg and the binding into the addons folder. Thats should be at least enough to let something appear in the Terminal but there isn’t even a [ERROR]. Nothing shows me that the homematic binding is in use.

I have another problem with my philips hue bridge. When i put in the Binding, the terminal counts down from 100 to 1 and i must press the button on the Bridge. When i press the button on my bridge nothing happens… The Bridge does not connect. Are there similarities?
At least the philips hue binding appears in my terminal but the homematic binding does nothing at all.
I’m sure it is a Beginners Problem that can be easily corrected but i can’t find it

Did you see that there 2 files in the addon package? An action and a binding file.

i knew i’m just stupid. That was exactly the fault. the wiki only mentioned a binding but not an action file. Thank you

The problem with the philips hue Bridge is still there. When i press the button nothing happens