Homematic Binding: HmIP-DLD 'ERROR_JAMMED' datapoint not found


I haven’t found anything regarding this issue, maybe one of you have a clue how to fix it:
I use the Homematic HmIP-DLD (Lock | Homematic IP (homematic-ip.com)) and since the firmware update to the current version “1.4.10”, I receive the following warning message in my logs:
Channel not found for datapoint '002XXXXXXXXXXXX:0#ERROR_JAMMED'

I haven’t found a corresponding openHAB device channel which could solve this error. I don’t know if this correlates with this issue but in the firmware changelogs you can see the following entry:

Version V1.4.0 - 2021-06-09

** Bugfix

** New Feature
   * new parameter: disable acoustic channel state
   * WP_OPTIONS link parameter

** Improvement
   * Disengage at VeryLowBat
   * add parameter door lock end stop offset
   * Improve low-bat detection
   * Transmit "jammed" as error

Maybe the Homematic openHAB binding needs to be adapted? I receive this error message even if the device isn’t active, nor in an error state.

I appreciate your help!

This datapoint was added with the latest firmware version. In order to get rid of this message, you can remove the thing, then discover and add it again.

I am already thinking of changing the severity of this warning to info or even debug.

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Thank you very much, this fixed my issue!
But this means that I have to recreate the Homematic thing in future if there are new datapoints available? Isn’t there a more convenient way to implement them after a device has already been discovered and configured?

Unfortunately, there is no other way. This a limitation of openHAB. Add new channels is currently not possible after a thing has been created.

Okay, fortunately there aren’t that often updates regarding new datapoints (at least this is the first I’ve experienced in the last year).
Thank you for your help!