Homematic binding: how to access ccu2 variables?

Hi all,

As far as I understand, ccu variables can be accessed in oh2 via virtual datapoints generated by the GATEWAY-EXRAS virtual device. In my openhab.log I can see datapoints for variables being renamed, in case of use of special characters such as “ä, ö, ü,…”. However, I cannot see the creation of the datapoints as such.

Assuming that there is a virtual datapoint for the ccu variables, how do I read/write these datapoints, since there are no items being linked and there is no example in the addons’ documentation?


Hi Christoph,

I also can’t get access to the variables, did you find a solution? My GATEWAY-EXTRAS-CCU device has only 3 channels, RELOAD_ALL_FROM_GATEWAY, INSTALL_MODE and INSTALL_MODE_DURATION, but what I found so far is that there should be a channel for each variable? Can anyone help here?


Hi Matthias,

Unfortunately no real change here. Although I do not need access to variables on my CCU2 anymore.
However, with one of the snapshots about 2-3weeks ago, I suddenly had all the missing variables and CUxD components in my inbox, but that’s history again.