Homematic Binding: Show Actual level of rollershutter

Hi there,

i am using the hm-lc-bi1pbu-fm for my roller shutters.

I want to display the actual level of the item in the label text.

But it does not display the actual level.

Here is my item

Rollershutter Rollo_Schlafzimmer "Rollo [%d %%]" <rollershutter> {homematic="address=LEQ0276314, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL"}

and my sitemap
Switch item=Rollo_Schlafzimmer label="Rollläden Schlafzimmer [(%d)]" mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="X", DOWN="Runter"]

what am i doing wrong?



with this item i can show the actual level as a separate item:

Number Rollo_Schlafzimmer_Position "Rollo Position: [%d %%]" {homematic="address=LEQ0276314, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL"}

Is there a way to combine the both items?

  1. Rollershutter Rollo_Schlafzimmer "Rollo [%d %%]" <rollershutter> {homematic="address=LEQ0276314, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL"}

  2. Number Rollo_Schlafzimmer_Position "Rollo Position: [%d %%]" {homematic="address=LEQ0276314, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL"}

I’m not fully sure, whether this changed in openHAB 2, but in 1.8.2 I use only the Rollershutter definition in the items file, that you are also using:
Rollershutter RS_Roland "RS Roland [%d%%]" { homematic="address=LEQ0070061,channel=1,parameter=LEVEL" }
But in the sitemap I use the following minimal entry:
Switch item=RS_Roland
This results in the following visualization with with classic-UI:

From my perspective there is no need to have multiple items (except RSSI, unreachable etc.).