Homematic CCU-2 and openHAB-2 connection

Hi openHAB-community,

I was wondering how to get Homematic-CCU-2 and openHAB-2 connected? Currently I was adding the Homematic-Binding via Paper-UI and afterwards I scanned for ‘things’. CCU-2 was found, homematic-bridge was listet and set to status ‘initialize’. Unfortunately the status changed to ‘communication error’.

To get some debugging information I am using log:display in the terminal. I was expecting to find new found and added items or bindings in the corresponding files, i.e., items-file, rule-file or sitemaps. Anyway when I looked in the ‘Finder’ (an OSX-aquivalent to Windows Explorer) the mentioned files were still untouched.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Did you install the XML-API on the CCU? openHAB communicates via XMLRPC with the CCU and therefore needs the XML-API addon. You can get it here https://www.homematic-inside.de/software/xml-api


Afaik the homematic-binding (at least the 2.0 one) does’nt need the XML-Api extension any longer.

Deinstalled mine some days ago, the binding is working without problems.

Do you have a homematic.things file?

This is mine:

Bridge homematic:bridge:ccu [ gatewayAddress="homematic.fritz.box", gatewayType="ccu" ]


Thanks for your advice. As it seems openHAB-2 won’t create files, if you are using the default-sitemap?! So I was not able to see any items, rules or sitemap-file.

hi jochen did you get it running - i have the same troubles…

your feedback is very welcome.