Homematic CCU3 Standard and alternative profiles

Hello there,

I have received a CCU3 and I will integrate it in OH. I am following this blog: https://www.baitando.de/it/2017/11/22/integration-of-homematic-thermostats-with-openhab

which was very usefull to understand the interaction, but I cannot see the “custom profiles” that Homematic allows you to setup from the HM app,… how can I add these 3 profiles from the HM tool? Which are the channel to add in the items?

I do not find any document from Homematic to check out all channels available…


Look at the official documentation and see if that helps. Users here have found to to be quite thorough.

I read it eveyrthing and I did not find the answer, then I search in google and I found the blog I mentioned above which mentioned the 3 default profiles (Boost, AUTO, MANUAL) but does not say anything about the other 3 profiles that you can setup in the HM App, (Standard and alternatives 1 and 2) … There must be some channels that provide you access to these profiles which, I guess, that first you must setup in the HM App, and OH only read the program.

The Homematic binding does not communicate with any apps. It directly connects with CCU.
The only “profiles” I have ever seen in the CCU interface are the so called “Wochenprogramme” that are provided by wall thermostats. I am not sure if you are talking about a feature of the CCU or maybe a feature of this app.

These “Wochenprograme” can’t be directly accessed by the binding (AFAIK they are not exposed by the binding). But with a little rule on the CCU it would be possible.

What app are you using here?

Sorry I will clarify everything.

Before receiving the CCU3, I had other Bridge which is not compatible with OH, and connected to it there are 4 Homematic Radiator. Eveyrthing so far, I control them throught the Homematic App Homematic IP in my Galaxy. (Sorry I have the app in spanish) But If I go to the phone App in “more” then I go the the “Heating Profiles” 3th option starting by below. there you can setup 3 different profiles and add them to each Homatic Radiator thermostat. (week profile)

So my question is, when you add homematic radiator thermostat to the CCU3 and then to the OH, is it possible to select these profiles in the Radiator Thermostat?

The Homematic binding connects with the CCU and creates things and channels depending on the information provided by the CCU. According to the official documentation the device provides a data point named “ACTIVE_PROFILE”. This is an integer value and accepts values between 1 and 3.
You can test the availability on OH if you add a think and look at the channel list (you may have click on more to see all available channels). There should be a channel with a similar name.

ok, I will check it on the weekend. I will provide feedback, Thanks.

ok, I got to link the CCU3, and I am triyng to link the Radiator Thermostat to openhab. Currently I have 2 thermostat linked to the CCU3, and the CCU3 ONLINE. I will se how to visualize all option in the PaperUI.