Homematic change the valvelevel from a control to a display


i have a problem with the integration of an Homematic HmIP-eTRV.
It shows the Level (Dimmer) valve opening degree as a slider and i need to change this to a percentage value.

I can not find where to change this or any documentation about that.

OpenHAB 3.0.1

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I have the same issue, so when i change the Level value the radiator moves but the display stays the same, right ?

Not really, i want a percentage display so i tried to change the Type from Dimmer to anything else, but there is no type for a percentage value.

In the Dokumentation (https://www.openhab.org/docs/concepts/units-of-measurement.html)
stands that Number:Dimensionless can show percentage but i only get a numerical value.

I am not so far that i have tried to control something, because i am just learning the basics of the UI, but the documentation is a mess and not helpful at all.