Homematic: Combine different values in one items

Hi there,

i´ve got different devices which provide different datapoints. For example humidity, actual temperature and set temperature.

I want to show this three values all in one line. It should be like an “combined” item with this three values.

Is this possible, somehow?

Greetings, Dominic

Yes that is possible. In simple words. Create a String iten that combines these values with a rule. In more deatil you will find a solution here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Rule-example%3A-Combining-different-items


Hello Thomas,

i´ve been trying to use your approach for a couple of days now and do not have
a working solution right now.

My items look like this:

  Number  CurrentTemp "Bad4 [%s]"    
 { channel="homematic:HM-CC-TC:LiNaDo_ID:HEQ0508540:1#TEMPERATURE" }

 Number  CurrentHum "Bad5 [%s]"    
 { channel="homematic:HM-CC-TC:LiNaDo_ID:HEQ0508540:1#HUMIDITY" }
 Number ItemMerged

My rule is:

rule "Merge items"
    Item CurrentTemp updated or
    Item CurrentHum updated
    ItemMerged.postUpdate(CurrentTemp.state.toString + " " + CurrentHum.state.toString)

In the Eclipse Smarthome Designer the syntax checker tells me

"no viable alternative at input “Item” " next to the both lines starting with item.

For sure it will be just a little error - but i do not find it :frowning:
Could you help me once again?