Homematic configuration in OH2


hometic binding says:

New in 1.9 (with this pull request)
HomematicIP support.
HomematicIP is disabled by default, because if you don't have HM-IP devices, the binding still communicates with BIN-RPC. If you enable HM-IP support, the binding uses XML-RPC. Configuration in openhab.cfg:

But where can I configure this in OH2? There is no openhab.cfg and in PaperUI I cannot find a seeting to cotnrol homematicIP device support.

I think you are referring to the homematic 1.x binding which has a successor for openhab 2.x. You should use the newer version with OH2:

Homematic IP support:

* CCU2 with at least firmware 2.17.15
* RaspberryMatic with the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB RF module
* piVCCU