Homematic dimmer value bouncing


I got a strange behavior when using homematic dimmers bound to sliders:

  • lets say the current value is 0 and the silder is at the very left side of the control.
  • first you select the new value (with a short click or touch) -> the slider moves to the new position.
  • now the control receives a state update with the OLD value -> the slider jumps back to position zero
  • after half a second or so, the control receives another state update with the NEW value and the slider jumps to the correct position.

I have several other slider in my setup (hue, sonos volume, …) and i never encountered a similar behavior.

I am using OpenHAB 2.0 with homematic binding 2.0.

This can happen because of the feedback value from the binding.
For some bindings, based on the information received from devices, the updated value can take some time.
I do not use the Homematic binding, but I had this behavior with KNX! Example: the KNX dimmer device receives a 0 value command but the dimming channel is set (configuration in the device , not in OH) to dim in 4 seconds time, so it will send the updated value only after 4 seconds when it actually reached the desired setpoint!

In the latest Homematic snapshot i have implemented a receiveDelay property, see readme

Can’t wait to try that out…

That’s basically the same what I did with a dummy item, a rule and a timer.
I even managed to get it a little bit smarter by applying that behavior only if a command TO the gateway has been sent within the last 500ms or so. So the UI will react immediately if someone pushes the dimmer by hand…

What do you think about including that kind of logic into the binding?

:clap: Great idea, i will implement that

That’s great to hear!
I’m really looking forward to try it out - it will save me a lot of code…
If you need someone for beta testing, just give me a ping…