HomeMatic Group Location and Items

i started for 2 Weeks with HomeMatic and now with openHAB, so excuse some wordings and beginner failure :). I have binding the HomeMatic CCU2 to openHAB2 in Paper UI and got all Devices from CCU2. I have 2 Groups on CCU2 for controling window, radiator thermostat and control sensor unit for temperatur. I see this in Things and added Items for that. One Problem now is, that i cant the empty Location of the Groups. If i click on Save nothing happend and on Developer Panel i see “Error: groups undefined”. Is this an Bug, or cant i simply use HomeMatic predefined Groups in openHAB2 ?
Another point is, that i can activate the Item for Showing actual Temperature, but only see it under Control for one Group, not in the other. Same on Modes for Boost and Comfort Mode.
Any idea?