Homematic: HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU, HM-CC-RT-DN & paired devices not working as expected

i have set up a a wall thermostat (HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU) paired with a radiator thermostat (HM-CC-RT-DN). This works fine when used manually (via buttons on the thermostat), the settings of the wall thermostat are propagated to the radiator thermostat.

But, if i try to set, for example, the “boost-mode” via openHAB to the wall thermostat, nothing happens at the radiator. The wall thermostat is set too “boost-mode”, timer is counting down. Setting the mode via openHAB on the radiator works, but this contradicts the idea of pairing the devices directly.

I would expect the mode being propagated to the radiator via the device pairing, like it is when using the thermostat buttons. I see the same behaviour from Paper UI, Basic UI and Classic UI.

Do i expect too much or am i doing something wrong?

I am using openHAB 2.2 Snapshot with the latest homematic binding, homegear and openHABian.

These are my items in question:

Switch AZHK_BOOST_MODE "Boost"  { channel = "homematic:HG-HM-CC-RT-DN:homegear:NEQ0172836:4#BOOST_MODE" }

Switch AZWT_BOOST_MODE "Boost"  { channel = "homematic:HG-HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:homegear:OEQ0300665:2#BOOST_MODE" }

Thanks for any hint.

A bit more information:

Setting a different temperature at the wall thermostat propagates to the radiator correctly. Also the Eco and Lowering Mode works as expected. (Even setting back to Auto works.)

It looks like it’s just the Boost-Mode which doesent work as expected.

@job I’m currently having a similar problem. I paired two radiators to my wall thermostat and added some UI in Habpanel to control the temperature of the wall thermostat. Setting a new temperatur using the habpanel UI works as expected: The wall thermostat correctly shows the value set via habpanel. But in my case, the new temperatur is NOT propagatet to the radiators.

I’m also using homegear but instead of manual item definitions I used Paper UI to for automatic Item creation. But since the wall thermostat correctly shows the temperatur I pretty sure that this shouldn’t be a problem.

The propagation of the set temperature is done by the device links, so anything in openhab and even homegear is irrelevant.

Did you wait some time? The radiator/wall thermostats may need some time to sync.

Regarding my problem, it works as designed. I checked with eq-3. The boost mode set via program is not automatically propagated to the radiators. Using groups with a ccu2 helps that. Or with homegear, i linked both channels to a single item.

I waited approx. 30 seconds, probably that’s not enough. I’ll just do another check and wait a bit longer.