Homematic HMIP-DLD Smartlock - has anyone connected successfully to control

Hey Folks,

I just added a Smartlock HMIP-DLD to my collection of devices. Detection in to OH3 works fine, but I don’t have any Control Channel, only information it seems.

I do have a Switch Item, but that is not controllable:

I also tried to send commands and update state via the Console to the Lock_State and Lock_TargetLevel items after some googeling on the lock and integrations into other HA systems, but no luck.

The HMIP device documentation also did not help - HMIP-DLD is not found in there.

Any thoughts? My Bad on setup of the Items? Or a fix needed in the Binding? Or not possible at all?

Thanks a lot

Problem Solved. Lock_LockTargetLevel is the right datapoint and needs to be set to Unlocked, Locked or Open, depending on the desired status.


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