Homematic / Homegear / Broken Pi / End of the World?

Hi All,

This may be slightly off-topic, or slightly the wrong place, but actually I don’t think so, given that all of this was linking into OpenHAB.

I have a bunch of Homematic motion sensors and relays. I was linking them to OpenHAB via Raspberry PI running Homegear, and interfacing to a LAN config box from Homematic (HM-LAN-CFG or CFG-LAN can’t remember, and not at home… But the round little spaceship looking one.).

Being me, I was then messing with the GPIO ports on that Homegear Pi, and fried it. SD card is a loss too.

Now, I have a problem because I can’t seem to reset my homematic devices back into learning mode, and get them to attach to a new pi and home gear setup. My german isn’t that good, and practically all info about this stuff is in german (and I called the eQ3 guys who make homematic earlier – talk about unfriendly customer service, and I couldn’t really understand anything). But what I’m beginning to think people are saying is that I’m screwed, and can throw away all my homematic gear.

Does anyone here know more than I do?

Try the homegear forum at https://forum.homegear.eu/ you will get help in English