Homematic/homegear setting "Logic combination" not working?

I tried to change the “Logic combination” config parameter of a Homematic dimmer controlled by Homegear on the PaperUI, this always results in “Logic combination” being reset to “Channel inactive”. In Homegear log I see that Openhab2 send the command to Homegear but Homegear sets LOGIC_COMBINATION to 0x00 which equals “Channel inactive”.

09/18/17 09:00:55.300 RPC Server (Port 2001): Info: Client number 285 is calling RPC method: putParamset (2) Parameters:
(String) OEQ0075501:1
(String) MASTER
(Struct length=1)
(String) LOGIC_OR
09/18/17 09:00:55.300 Module HomeMatic BidCoS: Info: Parameter LOGIC_COMBINATION of peer 3 and channel 1 was set to 0x00.

I this problem of Homegear or Openhab2 (probably wrong data.type)?

Homegear version 0.7.8-1314, OpenHab 2.2.0 #1040

I am new to openhab, shall I report such issues here or on github?