Homematic IP HmIP-BSL - switch cannot be controlled: datapoint readOnly?


I tried to get a HmIP-BSL work with openhab 2.3
The item can be added (it is shown as “no description (HmIP-BSL)”.
Then I created a thing and item for state. Switching the actor changed the state-item from OFF to ON or from ON to OFF. Now I wanted to control the actor via openhab. The actor does not react. The log tells me Datapoint is readOnly, it is not published to the gateway with id ‘xxxxx’: ‘xxxxxx:3#STATE’

Is this actor not supported or not controllable via openhab2? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks a lot for your hints…


Hi Florian,

according to the documentation of this device has several STATE data points in different channels. The STATE datapoint of channel 0 (Maintenance) is a read-only data point.
If you the want to control the switch from openHAB you can use PRESS_LONG or PRESS_SHORT.


Hi Martin,

ok great, Channel 4 can be used to switch the actor. This works fine. Thanks.

I also found out that channel 8#LEVEL and 12#LEVEL can be used to dim the two LED light of the actors.

Colors can be set in sending String to 8 oder 12#COLOR (RED, GREEN, BLUE, …)

Thanks a lot for your help!