HomeMatic Migration from OH1 to OH2

Using working openHAB 1.8.3 with HomeMatic binding running on Raspberry 2 Jessie.
Tested migration to openHAB2 (Beta5) installed to a new Raspberry 3.
HomeMatic bindig 2 has been successfully connected to my CCU1, The HomeMatic brigde has foung all my “Things” from CCU1.
Copied my “old” items and sitemap files to the new OH2 installation. All items and sitemap are visible.
But items are not working.
Found that items are not linked to the HomeMatic things.
I can manually link my items to the right channel from HomeMatic things, then the items are working.

But: I have a lot of tings in my CCU1 configuration.
Ist there a way to automatically link the copied from OH1 installation items to there things?
It should be possible by homematic address, channel and parameter.
Or is the only way to manually link all items?

Seems so that things and items can be edited in UI or in DSL files known from OH1.
I would prefer editing my things and items in DSL files.
Created new things file with needes things. To get items working in OH2 it is not enough to copy item file from OH1, but items must be editied to the new OH2 “channel” syntax.