Homematic not be found via Paper UI

Hi, I am relatively new in this forum. I started with setting up habpian on an RPI3. This works. I already installed a few bindings via PaperUI. and I know want to install the homematic binding.
Unfortunately I get an Error 500 message and don´t know what I did wrong.
I did put in the correct IP adress of the homeatic ccu. In the homematic WebUI I did activate under “Einstellungen Fireall” the HomeMatic XML-RPC API (Vollzugriff).
Now I am a little bit lost, what to do next … :frowning:
Thanks for your help.

Hi Andreas,

you should have a look into the log file under userdata/logs. There will probably be some error messages regarding homematic. If you post them here I can try to help you.

BTW: Which openHAB version are you using?


Hi Martin,
thanks for your help and sorry that I did not reply earlier. I have installed openhabian from 2016-09-15. I do not know, how to find the exact version number. And I do not know how to update. i thought of installing it again, when I see that the latest update is included in openhabian.
Where exactly can I find the log file? I accessed the PI3 via SFTP I was able to find /etc/openhab2/ but there is no userdate or logs folder.
Thanks for your help again!

Hi Andreas,

I have installed openHAB manually on my Pi, so the directory layout is different from installation with apt. Maybe you can finde the logs under /var/log. Or just run a find on your pi. The file name is openhab.log.

Hi Martin,
I now figured out, where to find the logs. When I started the binding via Papaer UI again, to find the entry in the logs, it looks like it did work now (I better not ask, wha y this hast not happened before …)
When the come to the thing section, I find the folwoing comment:
Status: UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR unable to create new native thread
What does this mean.
How can I move forward to add the thermostat and windows sensors attached to the homematic.

After reboot of the Pi3 it works! I can add the things :slight_smile: