Homematic Radiators with Netatmo in Openhab

Well, if the real room temperature is offset to the measurement at the radiators then simply setup this offset in the configuration of the radiators in the CCU2/Raspberrymatic and you are done

That’s what @Multisaft7 did already. His experience was the same as mine. It didn’t work good enough.

@Multisaft7 is it possible to post your settings here? I also have 3 HM-Heating-Devices and 3 external Temepratur sensors (Jeelink). In FHEM it was possible to pair extenral temperature with internal HM-temperature…

In Openhab I have big problems with Hotspots near the HM-Device…

I would like to but i did not find a useful solution for my problem :frowning:

maybe we can use a skript, so we have to set a variable with set temperature, and a variable with fleixble control of Homematic device.
like (shematic code):

 Variable Wunschtenmperatur = XY
    `If (Wunschtemperatur- IST => 1)
     Set Thermostat +1 

If  (Wunschtemperatur== IST)
  Set Thermostat - 1

I am not sure if we can set the desired temperature in RaspberryMatic/CCU2?

like that?

switch (heizprofil_modus.state)
case 0: { // zu Hause
sendCommand(Temp_EG_Wz_set, 21)
sendCommand(Temp_EG_Bad_set, 21)
sendCommand(Temp_EG_Sz_set, 20)
sendTelegram(“bot1”, “Heizprofil aktiviert: zu Hause”)

Maybe…but my problem is…how i can set the offset of the radiators? I’ve got 3 Netatmo Devices which are measure the temperature in my rooms…and the offset depends on the weather outside so I often need to adjust the offset in the RaspberryMatic…So i have no idea how i can tell my Radiators the “real” room temperature.


I think its very complicated to get access to the internal controller of the heating device.

What you could do:
I have af floor heating at home, which takes at long time to heat up a room. I wasn’t satisfied with the temperatures, because it was often too hot. The heater heats until its reaches the desired temperature, afterwards it’s hits temperatures at 2°C above the desired temperature.

I’ve created a simple two point controller to control the room temperature:

rule "Homematic - Heizungsregelung - RT Bad"
	Item Sensor_RT_Bad_2_SetTemperature changed or
	Item Sensor_RT_Bad_2_ActualTemperature changed
	var Number setTemp = Sensor_RT_Bad_2_SetTemperature.state as DecimalType
	var Number curTemp = Sensor_RT_Bad_2_ActualTemperature.state as DecimalType
	var Number AusHysterese = -0.5
	var Number EinHysterese = 0.3
	if ((setTemp - curTemp)>EinHysterese) {
		if (Heizaktor_OG_4_State.state!=ON)  Heizaktor_OG_4_State.sendCommand(ON)
	} else if ((curTemp - setTemp)>AusHysterese) {
		if (Heizaktor_OG_4_State.state!=OFF)  Heizaktor_OG_4_State.sendCommand(OFF)

You could read the temperatures from you Netatmo devices and control the temperatures by varying the setTemperature


Does anybody knows how to read the temperature out of a new Netatmo Valve?