Homematic Rollershutter integration;

I integrated a Homematic Rollershutter:

my Errormessage:

2019-12-13 22:25:16.261 [WARN ] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Exception while formatting value '16' of item EG_WO_Rolladen_Links with format '%.2f %unit%': Conversion = 'u'

my Items Format:

Rollershutter EG_WO_Rolladen_Links                "Rolladen Wohnzimmer links"   <rollershutter>             (EG_WO, Rollladen)            {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB31F2:0XXXXX:4#LEVEL"}

Does someone has a hint how to solve this?

Your sitemap?

Try an integer for the formatting:
“%d %%”

OK, I tried your hints, still the same problem:

#Now here my .items

Rollershutter EG_WO_Rolladen_Links                "Rolladen Wohnzimmer links %d %%"   <rollershutter>             (EG_WO, Rollladen)            {channel="homematic:HmIP-BBL:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB31F2:00135709XXXX:4#LEVEL"}

here my sitemap

   Slider item=EG_WO_Rolladen_Links label="Wohnzimmer Rolladen links"

The item definition is missing the square brackets around the variable statement

but then in your sitemap you actually define a separate label without the level state variable. If you don’t want to show the level at all there is no need to define it in the item either, no formatting warning should be shown then. Or keep the level formatting (with the correct brackets) in the item definition, then there is no separate label required in the sitemap.

Also just realised that you have Homematic IP, not sure if the level is an integer there or possibly a string, so either [%d %%] or [%s %%].

Great the brackets solced to unit problem.

I have one topic remaining. It the setpoint is 100, it is missinterpretet as 0 and the rollershutter closes again instead of opening.
Does someone know how to solve this?