Homematic RPI-RF-MOD with homegear

Hello, who can help me to bring the homematic RF modul running.
Type: RPI-RF-MOD vondor homematic.

I homegear and it does not work,
then I tried yahm and my raspberry network broke.
I need help.

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yes, sorry my fault. I have an urgend problem.

I stalled yahm on a system where homegear was installed already.

Now my system is not not runninganymore.The network interfays disappeared. A manual restore to enterd system is workng, but the connect between homegear and openhab 2 is fully broken.

Does any one help?

Regards Markus

If you don’t give any details as my post told you to - no.
Anyone to read this just knows about your system what you are telling us.
I guess few if any at all know what “yahm” is.
And if you broke your Raspi you’re probably in the wrong place.
This forum is on openHAB only.

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