Homematic: Show the status of a window contact in clear text

Hi there,

just a simple question:

With this sitemap definition I get a dynamic icon and the status in clear text:
Text label=“Küche” item=homematic_HM_LC_Bl1PBU_FM_LiNaDo_ID_KEQ0878156_1_LEVEL

This works for heating and for roller shutters but not for window contacts.:
Text label=“Küche” item=homematic_HM_Sec_SC_2_LiNaDo_ID_LEQ0175072_1_STATE

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Greetings, Dominic

Guess that there is something wrong. Please give us the itemn definition.


Hi Thomas,

there is no item definition - I am just using the things that where
autodiscovered and linked in Paper UI.

Hi Dominic,

ok. Where ist the Line Text … from? Compared to my definitions there is missing a variable part like label=“Westfenster [%s]”


Hi Thomas,

the “[%s]” was the helping hint! Thank you!