Homematic Smokedetector HM-Sec-SD and HM-Sec-SD-2 => CCU Duty Cycle 99%

Hi folks!

First, I am Frank, using openhab since ages with homematic, vdr, kodi, Mi-light, nanoleaf etc. now going into openhab3 3.3.0.

Thank you for creating amazing software!

Now, I am migrating to openhab3 3.3.0 and I was adding a HM-Sec-SD into openhab (in fact, it were 4 HM-Sec-SD in a team, and 2 HM-Sec-SD-2 in a separate Team)

The duty cycle of my raspberrymatic ccu almost immediately went to 99% - and left my homematic unusable for an hour.

I removed every HM-Sec-SD* and the duty cycle stayed at 1%-2%. Then I just added one of the HM-Sec-SD again as a thing - without even querying it, and the duty cycle went up to 99% again withing about 10 minutes.

I already asked on raspberrymatic forums, but nobody seems to know there. I then created a small curl script that queries my HM-Sec-SD* from XML-API, but the Duty Cycle was not affected by that.

That leaves me thinking there seems to be a difference on how the openhab3 binding is querying the HM-Sec-SD* so it is unusable for adding the smokedetectors into the things-list at all.

If nobody wants to look into this, I would try to track this problem down as it prevents me from introducing openhab3 to my wife who is killing me for the battery-warnings of the detectors :person_facepalming:

Any ideas on how to track this down?

Thanks in advance,

– edit –

here is the link to the topic on raspberrymatic forums: Openhab & Rauchmelder => Duty Cyclegeht nach oben - HomeMatic-Forum / FHZ-Forum