Homematic - textual config and still things in Inbox

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPI4
    • OS: BullyEye, running OH as docker container.
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 4.0.3
  • Issue of the topic: Homematic devices show up twice:
  1. They have been configured using config files. (Has been working ok for many years now)
    They show up as things, e.g.

  2. The very same things also show up in the inbox:

It would not bother me if I had not occasional communication problems to the ccu. Errors range from Jetty start failed or like now none at all. Thats the worst as it fails silently.

I can operate everything from the CCU but not from openhab.

Things in the Inbox are basically inert. Beyond the initial scan that caused them to be discovered in the first place they don’t do anything. They can’t be the cause of your communication problems because they don’t cause any communication in the first place.

If you ignore them it delete them from the inbox so they come back?

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Your discovery issue is coming from the CCU bridge Thing.
In your file, you gave it the ID „ccu“ whereas it is discovered with a serial number.
This is an representation property issue within the binding and should not happen. You should file an issue on github.
Solution for you would be to change the ID of the CCU Thing, but you need to change that part in the channels of all items too. As you use textual config, it is a simple search and replace.
But as @rlkoshak already pointed out, this will not solve your communication issue and should be filed as a second issue. If doing so, please provide TRACE logs from when the problem occurred.

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Indeed, thats it. Thanks to the both of you!

After changing the thing definition from
Bridge homematic:bridge:ccu [ gatewayAddress="192.168.1....


Bridge homematic:bridge:3014F711A061A7D8A98C0DEE [ gatewayAddress="192.168.1....

most things in the inbox did not re-appear after they have been deleted.
If you, like myself, do not get that right at the first attemt, each try will give you yet another set of Inbox items.
To delete them go to the openhab-cli:
docker exec -ti openhab /openhab/runtime/bin/client
and execute
inbox clear <<- that would be a useful button in the web interface :wink:

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I narrowed down my communication issues to a Jetty start failed message that came from
Caused by: java.io.IOException: Failed to bind to /

The issues could be triggered by re-starting the openhab container.
Odd enough that could be fixed by restarting piVCCU. Long story short, sudo apt-get update &upgrde apparently fixed it. For now.

A bind exception like that means something else is already listening on that port (9125 in this case). Maybe an old instance of the add-on didn’t shutdown properly or something like that?