Homematic Update to CCU Version 2.27.7 not compatible with HM-RC-Sec3-B

I have update to CCU 2.27.7 and using OH2 (release version) and the Homematic 1.9 binding (due to CUXD bugs of the V2).
Everything is working except the remote controls HM-RC-Sec3-B and HM-RC-4-B.

I have checked in CCU2 whether the device is still working here and it is.

Under OH2 I am not receiving any reaction anymore.

Dear Gerhard please take a look please.

Set the binding into debug mode:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.homematic

and press a button. You should see the event the CCU sends in the logfile

btw: you can use the latest OH2 snapshot builds, there are many fixes and updates in the Homematic binding. CUxD is also working now.

thanks for the reply.
When pressing a button on the remote I am receiving

04:22:43.266 [DEBUG] [l.communicator.HomematicCommunicator] - Received new (Boolean) value 'true' for DatapointConfig[address=KEQ0067310,channel=2,parameter=INSTALL_TEST]
04:22:54.682 [DEBUG] [l.communicator.HomematicCommunicator] - Received new (Boolean) value 'true' for DatapointConfig[address=KEQ0067310,channel=1,parameter=INSTALL_TEST]

I already tried to “relearn device” with the remote, removed the battery but still I am getting this “INSTALL_TEST”.
Finally I removed the device in the CCU2 and “releaned” it again.
Still I am getting this wrong parameter.

Also I did NOT enable security in the CCU2 as you have state as a means to troubleshoot this bug in your docuementation

I found the parameter to switch of security channel specific.
And due to a bug in the firmware it was turn on.
After turning it off the bug went away.

Why it was switched on stays a mystery. For sure it was not me switching it on.
Interestingly in a more recent remote (the black one) this parameter is still turned on without problems.
Same is true for window contacts and the indoor motion sensosr.

Thanks for the support!