Homematic Weather Station only Humidity

I added automatically my weatherstation via homemactic binding but it shows only humidity and not temp, airspeed and so on.

Can someone help me?


can you please give some more information about your environment?

  • OH version and environment where it is running?
  • CCU type and version
  • Homematic Device


i use : openHAB 3.0.2 on an Raspberry Pi , Homematic CCU3 and the Device is an Homematic weather sensor basic

Hi Markus,

a possible reason for this problem could be that the channels resp. items do not have correct types.
Did you definie the items in Main UI or in files?

Can you please perform the following steps

  1. enable trace log mode for the homematic bindin
  2. restart openHAB
  3. post the openhab.log beginning with the restart message until it receives data from the CCU.

Maybe there are also some error messages with additional information.