Homematic window state

Hey there,
I´m getting crazy…
I read many Topics and Websites und tried out many variants of coding, but it won´t work.

In my basicUI I can see an entry for my window:
Text item=dEG_Wohnzimmer

I have configured it in many ways:
//Number dEG_Wohnzimmer “Balkontür [MAP(kontakte.map):%d]” (dEG_Wohnzimmer) {homematic=“address=xxxxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=STATE, forceUpdate=true” }
//Contact dEG_Wohnzimmer “Balkontür Wohnzimmer [%s]” (dEG_Wohnzimmer){homematic=“address=xxxxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=STATE, forceUpdate=true” }
//String dEG_Wohnzimmer “Balkontür” { channel=“homematic:HM-Sec-SCo:yyyyyyyy:xxxxxxxxxx:1#STATE” }
//Number dEG_Wohnzimmer “Balkontür [MAP(kontakte.map):%d]” (dEG_Wohnzimmer) { homematic=“xxxxxxxxxx:1#STATE” }
Number dEG_Wohnzimmer “Balkontür Wohnzimmer ist [MAP(kontakte.map):%s]” {homematic=“address=xxxxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}

None of it really works. The last gives me the return “UNKNOWN” after all.
In my PaperUI the state changes when I open and Close the door. But not in the Basic UI

here my kontakte.map:

Which version of OH 2, Beta4 or Snapshot? There was a bug in BasicUI preventing it from refreshing the fields that has been fixed since Beta4.

2.0.0~20161117033010       all          openHAB Online Distribution

Which is this now?
I installed via apt get. Do I only have to make an update/Upgrade???

That looks like the Snapshot build so that refresh bug is probably not the cause of the problem. I’m not sure what could be wrong.

I found this in /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log:

2016-11-19 17:25:35.850 [WARN ] [.core.transform.TransformationHelper] - Cannot get service reference for transformation service of type MAP
2016-11-19 17:25:35.852 [WARN ] [.core.transform.TransformationHelper] - couldn’t transform value because transformationService of type ‘MAP’ is unavailable

2016-11-19 17:36:25.418 [WARN ] [rm.AbstractFileTransformationService] - Could not transform ‘NULL’ with the file ‘kontakte.map’ : Target value not found in map for 'NULL’
It sounds to me that the value is empty???

That means the state of the item is “NULL” and you don’t have that defined in your map. So just add
and that message should be gone

Make sure you have map transformation installed
PaperUI -> Extension -> Transformations -> install MAP Transformation

And for your items definition: double check your config against the docs for the homematic binding:


Thanks it helped nearly
When I load the basic Ui the right value is shown.
But it doesnt update when I open the door

Can this be solved with force update?

If you are running the last beta there was a bug that that prevented updates in basic ui. It has since been fixed.

I presume, you are using homegear and the contacts are paired in there and you can see Data is changing when contact changes.
You are using Homematic Binding binding-homematic - 2.0.0.b4.
In the Paper UI --> configurations --> things you see the bridge and the contact.
I use the Window contact, not the ones mounted at the handle. SO the item definition might be different.
For the window contact it is:

Contact ReserveFensterSchalter “Reserve Fensterkontakt [MAP(windowcontact.map):%d]” (Fensterkontakte, TestKram) { channel=“homematic:HG-BC-SC-Rd-WM-2:d9b779d0:MEQ1800159:1#STATE”}
Contact BatReserveFensterSchalter “Batterie Reserve Fensterkontakt [MAP(battery.map):%s]” (BatFensterkontakte) { channel=“homematic:HG-BC-SC-Rd-WM-2:d9b779d0:MEQ1800159:0#LOWBAT”}
Number SignalReserveFensterSchalter “Signalstärke ReserveFensterschalter [%d]” (SigFensterkontakte) { channel=“homematic:HG-BC-SC-Rd-WM-2:d9b779d0:MEQ1800159:0#RSSI_DEVICE”}
For the 2.0 binding it has to be channel not homematic. The rest (homematic:HG-BC-SC-Rd-WM-2:d9b779d0:MEQ1800159:0#RSSI_DEVICE) can be copied from the “Thing” itself by clicking on it. The page with different channels appears.
the d9b779d0 refers to the ID of the bridge, so must correspond to the ID of your homegear bridge and is set automaticly by OH2. Just if you (as I did) kick out the binding and set it in again, this ID changes and has to be changed in your Item definition.
wich item (contact,…) you have to use can be seen somewhere in the Paper UI or habmin. Idon’t remember where i have seen it and I don’t find it anymore :frowning:
I’m looking forward to have a doku…
hope that helps