Homematic Wireless Chime HM-OU-CM-PCB

I’m sucessfully integrated the chime module into my openhab2 configuration. I can play the mp3 files stored on the device. However, if I send the command to play a sound from within a rule, the playing will be sucessfull only for the first time.

The configuration:
String MP3_Gong_Ton {channel=“homematic:HM-OU-CM-PCB:CCU2:MEQ0277833:1#SUBMIT”}

The play command:

Any idea?

would be good to see the rule or at least the event triggering the rule :slight_smile:

The event is triggered always correctly (Log message). The rule works.

However, the device seems to be “jammed” or “busy”. Anyone knows the exact control statements? for example: the 108000 is “play length of mp3 file” , but nowhere is explained how exactly this value should be coded.

Anyway, I think “Bindings” would be the better place for this questions. Can any admin move the topic please.

Maybe you can find a solution here: