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Version: 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT (#1652)
openhab> bundle:list | grep -i zwave
217 x Active x 80 x x openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: ZWave Binding

I have a dozen HS-WD200+ things with firmware v5.9 and they work perfectly. I recently bought two new one’s with firmware v5.13 and v5.14 and they are missing all the config channels. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

OLD Things

New Things

There are two different devices in the database:
The older version below firmware version 5.9 do not have the channels configured.
You need to add them please:

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I download the Openhab2 XML files for both things and used WinMerge to do a diff… I then edited the 1040 file to include the missing channels as they were presented in 806. When I upload the new XML file I get the following error (Error ERR: XML file format is not known, or has incomplete information. You must use openHAB 1.8 or newer.). Any guidance on what I’m doing wrong would be helpful?

HS-WD200 New Firmware Version XML.txt
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You can’t upload a newer xml if the command classes are already available.
You need to manually add the missing config parameters (check the other device on how to do it)