HomeSeer HS-WS200+ Z-Wave switch no longer recognized

I have a couple of HomeSeer HS-WS200+ switches, and they don’t seem to be recognized any more. When I add the switch it shows up as unknown device.

I see this error message in the logs:
2020-07-18 16:29:33.921 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 71: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 000C:4447:3035::5.9

I just updated to 2.5.7-SNAPSHOT, and it did not resolve the problem.

I think I see what broke the database entry on July 2. An older snapshot should work as a workaround while I contact the person who made the change.

What firmware version are your devices? 5.9?

I sent a PM to the person who made the change but I suspect he may be asleep right now.

Great thanks. I also had the issue with 2.5.6, before I updated.

I have a few of the switches. I think 2 of them are 5.9, and I have anther one that’s 5.7. I have not removed the latter one, but it looks odd in the UI (no description or name). I assume it will have issues too if I removed it.

I suspect the 5.7 one will work OK. One of our experienced users made the change so there must be a reason.

Sorry, I don’t know the reason and did not make that change:

Here seems to be the reason:

There is now no entry for versions below 5.7 now.

I have several HS-WS200+ switches in the 5.7 version. I have lost all of the configuration parameters in the paper UI and the switches are not recognized. Is there a way to get this back for the older switches?

Please post the xml file from one of them. 5.5 & up should work but I do not know why the lower bound.

The database can be updated but there is no good way to the older config other than fixing ny issues.

network_d4207e5b__node_54.xml (12.5 KB) Is this the XML file that you are looking for?

That is the file and I verified the 5.7 firmware version.

What version of openHAB are you running? If you are running 3.x you need a snapshot version of the binding.

Sorry for the late reply. OpenHAB 2.5.12-1

I believe 2.5.12 should have that definition.To be sure, you could update to the latest 2.5.13 SNAPSHOt.