Homie and MQTT

@David_Graeff, when using Homie 3 with OH, how should the properties of a light switch or dimmer be described so that the MQTT Homie Bridge recognizes the device as a switch or as a light?

lots of discusion about homie lately, read up and join in!

There is currently a proposal on the homie repo for introducing a Homie extension that defines some HA “types” like “lights”. openHAB would need that extension to be implemented for that to work automatically.

Homie itself is not enough to differentiate between a volume slider and a light brightness value, so far openHAB only knows that it’s a ranged number value.

Understand the limitations of Homie with respect to differentiating different property values. With the current implementation however, I am unable to change an item created by MQTT/Homie into a dimmer type item in OH. As well, I would like to change an item that is an enumeration of “ON/OFF” into a switch item.

Yeah the idea came up that Homie and HomeAssistant are purely for discovery and create “Generic MQTT Things” that can be altered afterwards. I’m kind of liking the idea but I didn’t implement it so far.