Honeywell Lyric thermostat

Guys been playing around with Homeassistant, I was able to get lyric thermostat work with that. I had a spare server to try it on and works really well.

I have the Honeywell Lyric T6 for some time now and am dissappointed by it. Got it to work with Domoticz, but not OpenHAB or Home Assistant. So I’m considering selling it and buying a better, more user friendly and more compatible thermostat. But which one can be integrated most easily?

Exact same experience here. The T6 looks nice, but that’s mostly it. Honeywell acts like it’s a smart thermostat, but other than the geofencing it’s just a plain old fashoin thermostat. It’s buggy as hell, connection errors all over, and a pain in the butt to configure. Also, honeywell support is horrible.

I’d say: Honeywell, or don’t honey at all.

I’ll be moving to a rspi zero with opentherm to have full controll.

Just wondering if there has been any follow-up on the Honeywell T6 thermostat binding?
I have two of these devices right now and I’m anxious to use them with some home automation software. Since I’m starting from scratch I don’t have any preferences: either I’ll install openHAB, either I’ll move over to Home Assistant as Ian suggested…

I’ll keep an eye on this thread!



Has someone connected the OTGW in between the T6 and the boiler?
Wondering if that works well. According to the OTGW matrix, this thermostat is basically supporting the complete OT protocol. I have a dump thermostat (Remeha Celcia 20) and does not work so well with the OTGW, since external control seems buggy…
Anyway, I’m looking for a different thermostat, does not need to be “smart”, but controllable with OTGW. The T6 looked good from the matrix point of view…