Honeywell Thermostats on Openhab2

I have a Honeywell RTH9580WF1005. I don’t seem to see much on how to best connect this up to Openhab2.

I have a Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Account setup that allows me to access these remotely.

I saw some posts where the setup is done via the Total Connect Comfort account using evohome. However, when I try to do that I always get an authorization error when trying to connect. Are evohome and these thermostats different?

Anyway, has anyone had any luck getting these to work? These have to be one of the most common WiFi Thermostats out there but I can’t find anyone that has got these to work with Openhab2.

Thanks, Scott

The current binding only works with European accounts.

I have put together a Homie MQTT program that works with North American Total Comfort accounts see

Michael, thanks for this information! I’ve also been looking for something like this for a while now. Because I’m on Windows and don’t know python, I’m not able to get your program to work, but I’m able to get somecomfort to work perfectly. Thanks again. Now I don’t need to buy a new thermostat :slight_smile:


Great. I have not tried it on windows. I run the program on a $5 Pi Zero.

Should work on Win out of the box, Python is rather portable.

I’m not sure where to put the config file or what to do with the yaml file. Python does work. I’m using 3.8.

Ah, this all depend on the script indeed. However even with hardcoded paths a simple trick could work. Paths like “/etc” will be reinterpreted relative to root of your current drive. E.g. if you are on C:, open “/etc/myconfig” would access C:\etc\myconfig

Sorry, missed your post - did you get this working?