Hoover One-Fi

Hi folks,

I hope this is the correct place for this question - apologies if not. I am about to buy a washing machine and would like to add it to my future home automation system. I saw an affordable Hoover appliance that is advertised as having wifi - this seems to be Hoover’s ‘One-fi’ system. Does anyone know if this is supported by OpenHAB - I would love to control it through the same interface as the other systems rather than use Hoover’s proprietary app if possible.

Thanks in advance!!


Does Hoover provide an API?

I know that Hoover share a lot of stuff with Candy. I’m also trying to do something for my Candy washing machine… reading https://community.home-assistant.io/t/dishwasher-candy-simply-fi-cdi-6015-wifi/136543/36

Hi, I found this project here:


I own a Candy Washingmachine with Simply-Fi, would like to integrate it in openHAB. Someone out there to modify this api for openHAB ?


Do you manage to extract the key? Or you can do:

curl http://you-washing-machine-ip-address/http-read.json?encrypted=0

and have some results?

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Fernando Gomes