Hoover One-Fi

Hi folks,

I hope this is the correct place for this question - apologies if not. I am about to buy a washing machine and would like to add it to my future home automation system. I saw an affordable Hoover appliance that is advertised as having wifi - this seems to be Hoover’s ‘One-fi’ system. Does anyone know if this is supported by OpenHAB - I would love to control it through the same interface as the other systems rather than use Hoover’s proprietary app if possible.

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Does Hoover provide an API?

I know that Hoover share a lot of stuff with Candy. I’m also trying to do something for my Candy washing machine… reading https://community.home-assistant.io/t/dishwasher-candy-simply-fi-cdi-6015-wifi/136543/36

Hi, I found this project here:


I own a Candy Washingmachine with Simply-Fi, would like to integrate it in openHAB. Someone out there to modify this api for openHAB ?


Do you manage to extract the key? Or you can do:

curl http://you-washing-machine-ip-address/http-read.json?encrypted=0

and have some results?

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Fernando Gomes

I get connection refused


The wash machine is connected to your wifi? The http port must be open. After this it’s possible to control and see the status of your wash machine.

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Fernando Gomes